Bluegrass Capital

Our Value Proposition


Our aim is to meet or exceed our client’s expectations with respect to our promises and


•   Openness
•   Truthfulness
•   Fiduciary Trust
•   Integrity
•   Commitment to deliver

Bluegrass Capital provides investment banking and strategic advice to companies
requiring expert counsel in financial transactions -- mainly mergers and acquisitions; and
investment and financial sourcing. Transactions generally range from $10 million to
$250 million.

We are committed to strategically guiding your company through improved shareholder
performance by implementing a focused transaction process. We provide an
experienced assessment of your business and work with you to meet your transaction
goals. We work with you to develop and implement your corporate strategy for Mergers
and Acquisitions, or Divestitures.

Our nationwide network of experienced bankers and operators, along with our own in-
house team, allows us to staff our engagements to fit the specific needs of our clients,
and offer the highest value and probability of success. Bluegrass Capital has office
locations in New Hampshire; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois;   Allentown, Pennsylvania;   
Los Angeles, California and Monterey, California.
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