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Strategy Development for Corporate Growth

We have worked with many Clients, in diverse industries, to facilitate their formulation of
plans to grow their corporations, and to improve their shareholder value. We assist our
Clients in planning and staffing their acquisition teams, from both internal and external

Managing the Merger and Acquisition Process for Buyers

We assist our Clients in developing acquisition profiles and identify acquisition Targets. We
assist in negotiations, valuation, due diligence, integration and synergy planning. Our role
has ranged from managing/directing the overall M&A process on an outsourcing basis to
merely participating in our Clients’ acquisition teams as a senior advisor. We have
successfully closed over 100 acquisitions or mergers for our Clients. We are prepared to
offer opinions on Valuation of acquisition targets, and have conducted over 500 valuations.

Corporate Divestitures

We have assisted our Clients in looking objectively at their own overall corporation:
charting the progress of all the business units; identifying underperforming units, identifying
units whose businesses are peaking; and identifying units whose return on investment is
lagging. We have successfully closed over 50 divestitures for our Clients.

We have assisted entrepreneurs in assessing the best time for them to obtain liquidity
through divestiture, soliciting an equity partner, selling to another privately held company,
or selling stock to the public. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe we are uniquely
qualified to help other entrepreneurs through the difficult, time-intensive process of

Corporate Executive Training

We have conducted on-site executive training in all aspects of corporate growth ---
particularly relating to Mergers and Acquisitions. We have worked with senior level
executives who want to sharpen their skills, learn new techniques, and become conversant
with all ramifications of the M&A process. One of our principals is on the M&A faculty of
American Management Association.

Special Projects

We have also assisted our Clients in a number of diverse activities where either they
wanted to outsource a particular activity, or merely wanted to tap into our many years of top
level management experience.

Interim Management and Financial Turnarounds

Our staff includes senior, experienced top level managers, including several who have
served public and private companies as Chairman, CEO, CFO, and COO. We are prepared
to provide, at short notice, experienced managers for financial turnarounds; where death or
incapacity has created the need for a skilled, experienced interim executive to direct the
company’s operations; to work out of problem bank loans; in crisis situations to survive
crisis situations.
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