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Strategy Development

We work with clients to determine what is the best course of action for their specific situation.   This could involve
acquiring additional companies, selling all or part of their existing company, capital restructuring, or a combination of
these actions.  Our focus is in the small and middle-market arena, assisting clients in developing their overall plans and
objectives and working with them to organize and staff their acquisition teams, from both internal and external sources.  

Mergers and Acquisitions

Deciding to expand your company via the acquisition or merger route is a major undertaking, drawing on all of a
company’s resources, both internal and external, to achieve success.  We provide our clients with a proven and
effective external resource to help guide them through these anxious times.

We help clients with developing acquisition profiles and identify acquisition targets. We
assist in negotiations, valuation, due diligence, integration and synergy planning. Our role
ranges from managing and directing the overall M&A process on an outsourcing basis to
merely participating on our clients’ acquisition teams as a senior advisor.  We can provide sophisticated buyer searches
as well as offer opinions on valuation of acquisition targets.
Using our professional relationship with various funding sources, we assist clients with financing their acquisitions.

Our goal is to help our clients acquired or partner with companies at a value which will enable the resulting organization
to improve shareholder value to the desired levels.

Selling and Divestitures

We know selling your business is a traumatic event, both to you and to your employees and our aim is to help you
through this transition and make it as smooth as possible.  We assist you in looking objectively at your overall  company;
charting the progress of each business unit; identifying underperforming units, identifying units whose businesses are
peaking; and identifying units whose return on investment is lagging.

We assist entrepreneurs in assessing the best time for them to obtain liquidity
through divestiture, soliciting an equity partner, selling to another privately held company, or
selling stock to the public. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we believe we are uniquely qualified
to help other entrepreneurs through the difficult, time-intensive process of divestiture.

We help the client prepare for the sale so that the property can be presented in the best possible light so that the best
possible price can be realized.  This could include recommendations on how to improve the physical appearance of the
company, putting the company’s financial statements in order, and preparation of the Confidential Business
Memorandum  provides prospective buyers with a detailed analysis of the company, it’s history, it’s achievements, and it’
s potential for the future.

Our goal is to help ensure our clients achieve the highest possible value for their company’s, rewarding their years of
hard work and effort.

Capitalization Restructure

Sometimes a company’s capital structure stifles their ability to maintain working capital at required levels, to achieve
desired profitability levels, and to operate more nimbly in the market place.  We help our clients analyze their present
situation, develop a plan to change, and assist with implementation of the plan.

M & A Training

We conduct on-site executive training in all aspects of corporate growth, particularly relating
to Mergers and Acquisitions. We have worked with senior level executives who want to sharpen their skills, learn new
techniques, and become conversant with all ramifications of the M&A process. We often times suggest this be the first
step in the process, as we find this makes the company more effective in this process.

One of our principals is on the M&A faculty of American Management Association.
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Transitions and Divestitures
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