Management Consulting

Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

The best way to predict the future is to create it.  Strategic planning is the process which
determines the future of the organization.  We work with our clients to develop strategic
plans, taking the strategy through the business planning process and establishing
measurable goals.  The process involves not only determining where a company is going,
buy how it will get there.

Executive Leadership

Success in today’s global arena is challenging and the rules change often.  To compete
globally, executive leaders must create an organizational culture, which challenges
everyone to seek innovative and improved methods of doing business.  Contrary to
popular opinion, leaders are not born, they are developed.  Our Executive Leadership
Program does just that, it provides our clients with a proven and effective method of
developing their executive leadership to be able to handle the demands of today’s
turbulent times.

Management Development

The challenge facing management is – developing an organization to meet tomorrow’s
goals while continuing to meet today’s challenges.  To balance these demands, managers
need a systematic approach to their jobs.  Our Management Development Program offers
our clients a process which does this.

Market Strategies

We offer our clients two proven and effective developmental programs to help our clients
achieve greater success and position in their markets:
•        Sales Development Program:  One element which distinguishes profitable companies
from non-profitable, is the ability to better develop salespeople.  Our program
results in people who sell because they want to excel, and succeed because they
understand why and how to utilize their knowledge.
•        Customer Service Development Program:  During this new era of service-oriented
industry, a mastery of customer service can mean the difference between success
and failure.  The trend is to treat service as a product that needs to be learned
inside and out, and marketing service to customers as vigorously as if it were a
direct revenue producer.

Interim Management

Our staff includes senior, experienced top level managers, including several who have
served public and private companies as Chairman, CEO, CFO, and COO. We are
prepared to provide, at short notice and for whatever reason, experienced managers on
an interim basis to help our clients through crisis situations.

Turnaround Management

We provide management assistance to companies in financial distress, either prior to or
subsequent to filing for bankruptcy protection
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